Saturday, June 5, 2010

Parenting the Inner Kids

It's a new and somewhat alien concept to me... I can provide the constructive parenting that my inner kids needed and never got from my mother. I've gotten so used to simply reacting to inner chaos and turmoil, and basically trying to tune the kids out. I'm now working on listening to their needs and wants, and finding constructive ways to accommodate them.

For now, crayons, coloring books and drawing pads seem to be doing the trick. The kids get an outlet that's constructive and soothing, rather than just reaching for food as the only soothing presence we'd ever known as a child. It's been frustrating, because "I" am determined to eat healthily. But my inner kids make choices that are NOT in that category, especially when they're not being listened to.

In a way, learning to acknowledge, understand and ultimately parent my inner kids will help me on several fronts. The obvious implications for therapy are huge, but it also impacts my goals for health and fitness. I'm learning... If I let the kids color or play with Legos, etc., I can avoid a lot of the compulsive eating that is done simply for soothing. It's a win-win situation.